Saturday, October 30, 2004

in Case you forgot...The other Left

It's two days till election day and everyone's talking about Bush and Kerry. Last night my room-mate and I watched Alexandra Pelosi's "Diary of a Political Tourist," a shallow commentary on the primary season that eliminated the candidates Pelosi could probably have gotten the most access to: Kucinich, Braun and Sharpton. Gee, it's great to have all these "independent" documentary films out there isn't it ?
I bet HBO is wishing they hadn't given her so much cash to make that movie. She even got a hug from huggy-bear Karl Rove himself.
In contrast, the last episode of Altman and Trudeau's "Tanner on Tanner" was spot-on.

So, visit counterpunch for a dose of reality regardless of who you're voting for:

and try not to confuse voting with political action.
Here are some interesting views on the big day:
This one is interesting:

enjoy your Tuesdays,