Sunday, April 10, 2005

Songs about sunshine

I spent the day grading papers on at Connecticut Muffin on Brooklyn's 7th avenue. Narrowly avoiding a baby-attack, a dog-poop-meets-shoe disaster and the rest of the hazards of the area, I managed to plow through several blue books along with a large cup of iced cofee and the crooning of..: Gilberto Gil, Jon Spencer Blues Explosion, Stereolab, Tupac Shakur, the Roots, Bob Marley, Nellie McKaye, and Sonic Youth. It was a beautiful day. Here are some links to random songs about sunshine: " I can see clearly now" "Who Loves the Sun", Good Morning Starshine and of course there's "here comes the sun," which really is a cliche by now. It's hard to feel sad, or conscious of a raging war and a thinning ozone layer when you're placidly enjoying coffee in an upscale urban neighborhood like Park Slope. It was a hard working couple of hours.
At the moment, I've gotten done with the first run through the pile, and I'm taking a break with you, oh readers, while on my way to constructing a lesson for my students about the decision to drop the atomic bomb...Speaking of which, Gar Alperovitz has a new book out. I still remember the first day that I heard his theory in a lecture, given by Hy Berman at the U. of Minnesota when I was TA'in the U.S. history survey. Hy managed not only to introduce me to Alperovitz then, but to another giant of left wing diplomatic history, Walter La Feber.
And that's enough for a very busy Sunday. I'm sure there's plenty of news out there, and Gawd knows, there are plenty of places to read about it.

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