Tuesday, January 23, 2007

Bush Speech Live Blogging

His health insurance plan?
Will people who aren't insured benefit from this plan?


reb said...

Aha, This is a plan to subsidize private insurance companies.

reb said...

Help me out by adding your comments on the speech!

reb said...

medical liability reform...

reb said...

Hey anonymous, where are you?

reb said...

"clean coal"
Clean, safe, nukular

"clean deisel"

Aha, I knew ADM would get their plug in.

progress.....ah yes, July in Christmas.

reb said...

sensitive pipelines in the arctic wildlife refuge.

So the response to global warming is more domestic oil production.

Federal justices: US Senate as duty not to debate, especially when my approval rating is 33%

Terrorism: fear, fear, fear.....oh, let's see. He must be about to talk about the war in Iraq

reb said...

yep, there he goes "take the fight to the enemy" to fight the war on terror.

reb said...

Contradictory links about "staying on the offense" will follow at some point, like after my syllabus is done.

reb said...

Brave public servants....like Valerie Plame and Joseph Wilson?

reb said...

Why do all his descriptions of Al Quaeda etc. sound like descriptions of Pat Robertson and the LaHayes?

reb said...

Terms like "decisive ideological struggle" I think that's what makes him sound like his own description of Al Quaeda.

"most will choose a better way when given a chance" ....that's probably true, which is why Americans don't have a choice on issues like health care.

reb said...

A democratic Iraq that is our "ally on the war on terror."
- it's the Iraqis' fault.
Extra marines:
will be "chasing down the terrorists and insurgents"
Every time he talks about chasing down, hunting etc, he seems like Wile E. Coyote to me.

reb said...

"America Must not fail in Iraq" - Iraqi govt. would be over-run by extremists...
Isn't this already happening?
Isn't this what's already going on?
Isn't this "nightmare scenario" currently what's happening?
"don't ignore the lessons of September 11th" he says...we must "succeed in the Middle-East and secure America from this danger"

Learn the lessons of September 11th. A good idea. too bad so many haven't.

reb said...

Maybe the Republicans will have to start supporting cloning if they want to have an army of the size that Bush seems to be asking for...a permanent international police force for a permanent war on terror.

reb said...

And now for Bush's heroes: the brave and humble...he doesn't share any of their traits.

reb said...

over all.
I'd say there was nothing original in this speech, nothing surprising. The same plans, the same ideas. Only now, he was begging congress to pass his proposals and using fear as a club to say "catastrophe will happen" if you don't do what I say.

The Pagan Science Monitor said...

Sen. Webb's Democratic response: if this is confrontation, then complicity has a new name.

reb said...

can you say more about why so?

Anonymous said...

You watched? I'm sorry!

Here, watch this - it wll make you feel better:

What is the price that the workers have to pay to get an increase? What is it about working men and women that you find so offensive?

Senator Kennedy, via Crooks & Liars

Anonymous said...

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reb said...

How did Cyndi Lauper get the OK as "safe" ?? She has an ode to masturbation. Maybe these wingnuts didn't catch what she meant by "bop"?

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