Friday, April 27, 2007

Anxiety Index: The Cell Phones and the Bees

Since I last posted on flowers, and even though I did notice a single bee busily pollinating one of my perennials just yesterday, I thought I'd post this article on Colony Collapse Disorder.
Not only does it suggest that a collapse in the beepopulation might be linked ot cellphone radiation, but also brings up the issue of the connection between cell phones and brain tumors, which hasn't surfaced in a while.
So, while I start worrying about crop failures and starvation, I'm going to get a new headset for my cellphone.


Anonymous said...

While bees are dying there's been a reverse process for yellowjackets. Last summmer at least 25 "super-sized" yellowjacket colonies were dismantled in the south. The speculation is that this is due to mild winters allowing colonies to retain multiple queens and grow as large as a VW beetle. The estimate is that it takes 2 years for a colony to attain such a size. meaning that, depending on the severity of this winter just passed, we may see super-sized yellowjacket hives in abandoned housing in New Orleans this summer. See this link

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Anonymous said...

This is not politics as usual... this is something else altogether. You'd have to go back to the late USSR to find such insidious and pervasive placement of political minders in every facet of government

ge said...

slashdot has an interesting discussion of this.

Anonymous said...

The comments on Slashdot say a lot more about "hard" scientists and their feelings of entitlement combined with their persecution complex than anything else. Clearly we need bees if we want to eat. Yet these guys, and I'm near certain they're guys; presumably intelligent, presumably educated, are falling all over each other to prove a negative -- that it's not caused by cell phones. Because god forbid it's their favorite gadget causing the problem. I'm not saying it is cell phones but really they're talking about more their own anxieties than the potentially huge crisis in the food supply.
"First they came for the scientists" (?) ah, no maybe first they came for say Matthew Shephard, I know of no scientist beaten up and hung on a fence to die. Or maybe first they cam for Amadou Diallo. There's no cops mistaking that soldering gun for a deadly weapon and firing 41 shots at these heros.

It's likely these guys are beginning to feel the heat on sciences from the religious right.

Galileo was persecuted for saying the Earth revolves around the Sun. Present company excepted, these guys feel the slightest scrape and right away they're declaring that the world revolves around them.

This is what I was trying (unsuccessfully) to get at with the earlier comment a while back about how a close relative educated at Harvard, Yale and Princeton and some fou fou private high school did not know the etymology of the word "Hippocampus."

Matt Capri

Anonymous said...

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