Saturday, May 05, 2007

Gardening in May

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Anonymous said...


tips to build a blog community

People want hope, and they can take more control of their lives with encouragement. If your message is persistently pessimistic or fatalistic, don't be surprised if it's hard to build an audience.

Anonymous said...

I don't know if that's criticism of, or encouragement to, this blogger, anonymous, but to me it reads like trite self-help cliche. Screw the "blog community." What does "community" mean anyway, when it's used in contexts like "intelligence community," "law enforcement community," and, I kid you not, the "sniper community."

Instead, talk to real people. Organize face to face. Ask the politicos hard questions. Challenge, demand, threaten. Get into the streets. Sit down (strike!), stand up (march!). Typing and clicking ISN'T making a difference, not matter the good intentions. It's nothing more than another communication system, something to be used for much else.

And isn't "building an audience" just marketing bullshit?

The world IS going to hell. The oceans ARE melting. The pigs ARE at the trough, eating the future. And lifestyle digerati are contributing to the destruction with toxic computers, overconsumption, and their liberal feelgood smugness.

"Hope" is the sillyness that gives us triangulators like Bill Clinton, softening us up for worse. Hope is putting all your eggs in Obama's basket because he's symbolically interesting. Suckers wait for false messiahs instead of doing the hard work of dismantling a corrupt system.

Don't be fatalistic, be angry. Be enraged.

That said, those are beautiful flowers, rebel girl.