Sunday, May 08, 2005

Corporate Give-Away News

Did you see the story in the Times this morning about how the government is going to let pharmaceutical companies dodge their taxes? This is all part of the "job creation act." ha.
Meanwhile, people on medicare are now going to have to decide whether they want medicine or food.
And what is the impact? Frank Rich has a column in today's paper that breaks it down. The impact is nothing.
Last night I saw a play that highlighted the way our culture likes to focus on the sideshow rather than the urgent realities facing us, The Children's Crusader. The play had some surprisingly funny parts, including a scene in which Florence Kelley, the play's hero, stood on soap-boxes talking about sweatshops and child labor, while carnival barkers and crowds talked about Stanford White, Harry Houdini, and other major pop culture spectaculars of the era. At the end of the scene, one of the crowd members finally listened to Kelley's speech, and one had hope. However, at the end of the speech, she got Kelley's attention and said, "Excuse me Miss, Don't you understand? we don't care."
I could go on with more corporate give-away news, but times's a wastin, so I will merely recommend a visit to the Multinational Monitor.

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