Monday, May 16, 2005

Military Prisons, Torture, Electronic Bird Cage Liner

One of the NYT's top-stories today concerns Newsweek's apology for printing a story (which they do not retract) about the Koran being flushed down a toilet at Guantanamo Bay. If you're interested in reading further on the issue, Juan Cole's website has a thorough commentary about it, which includes a fascinating email from a US military man about the trashing of a Bible during his POW simulation training.

There is also a tepid piece in the Times about Priscilla Owen, sadistic screwball, who is being nominated by our Prez. for the federal bench. In case you didn't read "Bushwhacked" a while back, you can read Lou Dobose's account in Salon. Joe Conason also has a piece about Owen there, which connects her to Enron. I wondered immediately about her relationship with that Houston outfit when I noticed that the times said she had worked previously on "obscure pipeline cases."
Meanwhile, for real news, it is probably worth it to actually go to the newstand and buy a copy of the New York Review of Books this week, as it will print the entire 2002 memo which offers what Tom Engelhardt calls "irrefutable proof" of the phoniness of the war. I'm sure that such a widely circulated and popular magazine's publication of this vitally important memo will turn the tide of public opinion against the war

And as we all wait for that moment, I'm reaching my one-hour blogging limit. My only comment on all this is to be found in Get Your War On.

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