Tuesday, February 14, 2006

Drunken Dick?

I wasn't able to blog on Monday because of some problem with blogger, so I have an extra post to squeak in tonight or tomorrow, but I couldn't help adding to the new comment on Saturday's blog entry.
I was just saying to my room-mate that I suspected that Cheney's friend's shooting wasn't as was reported. Once I heard that the Quail hunt was a drive-up and shoot hunting event on the source of all things true, The Daily Show, I wondered even more. So here's a scenario: Dick and the boys are in the lounge, knocking back whiskey, discussing whether he'll get in trouble with the Special Prosecutor for telling Libby to leak Plame's name. Whittington cracks a joke Dick doesn't like, and scowling, the veep raises the shotgun, growls some obscenity, and (whoops!) shoots his friend in the face. 24 hours later, we hear the first reports.
Then, I saw that someone had posted this now deleted story in which the hunting-hostess, Mrs. Armstrong, denied that the boys had been drinking.
After all, he was arrested on drunkenness charges three times in the early 60s.
Maybe I'm making up a wacky conspiracy theory, but who is there to say that things went down the way the people in power said they did?

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Anonymous said...

Yessss, that's exactly the kind of story I'd like to hear. Remember when Teddy disappeared from Chappaquidic because he needed 24 hours to get sober before that sad and terrible story could emerge. This Cheney event methinks smacks of an uglier truth and even if it happened in the field and not in the lodge living room he may still have been drunk and not seeing (or thinking) straight when he took his shot. If he could see and think straight, you'd think his finger would have stayed put (o, well maybe it wouldn't).