Wednesday, February 01, 2006

Spinning at the Daily News Promotes Ignorance of TWU Politics Once Again

If people rely on the Daily News for info. about the transit workers union, they will end up mightily confused. Today's article about a conflict between local 100's leadership and a "dissident" member, Christopher Magwood, who, according to the story, is tied to the PREVIOUS leadership of the union is some kind of telling explanation of the "no" vote? That leadership which sold out the transit workers in concessionary contract after concessionary contract is still the group that holds power in the international. They're the ones who sold out the local when they came out publicly against the strike in December. You wouldn't know from almost any NY media that there are real arguments with the contract and that there are many transit workers who wanted to continue the strike.
Also, when you search "google blogs" about the TWU you find a lot of racist horse-shite.

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