Tuesday, June 13, 2006

Get Ready for War Crimes

I opened my email to see an alert about a planned "crackdown" in Baghdad. Just as I was weirdly reminded of US prisoner control techniques when I first read about Abu Ghraib, I'm now weirdly reminded of street sweep operations in America's "unmanageable" cities.
Am I wrong to think that in Baghdad that this strategy will meet with armed resistance? It just seems like a bad idea, so Cowboy.
Meanwhile, Juan Cole has a good analysis on the current "summit" on how to "win" in Iraq.


Renegade Eye said...

I found this blog surfing.

When the war was introduced, it was argued that the fighting will be over soon, and that type of warfare would never happen.


reb said...

Oh yes, "mission accomplished," candy and flowers, etc. etc. On FAIR recently they noted that Thomas Friedman has been saying that whatever's going to happen in Iraq will be decided in the "next six months." Problem is, he's been saying that for a coupla years now.

james ford said...

كازينو ومكافاّت مالية