Monday, June 12, 2006

Who went to Yearly KOS?

I know at least one of you was there, and someone already linked to Nathan Newman's Dkos diary about it. So, what happened, how was it? Reports please.


Anonymous said...

I am really looking forward to the next one, which I hope will NOT be in Las Vegas, and also not in early June (which prevented many students and teachers from attending)

But I'm so glad I made it to the first ever YK... even if only for the Saturday events - I missed the big blowout parties on Friday night

Howard Dean's speech on Saturday morning was inspiring, talking about the power of ordinary citizens and the importance of participating in the political process to take back the Democratic party from the consultants, lobbyists etc.

Harry Reid's closing speech was also great (if a little more low-key) in the way he talked directly to the audience about the power of citizen media.

Mark Warner's lunchtime speech was disappointing, seemed like a standard campaign speech. But at least he was acknowledging how important it was to reach out to bloggers.

Of all the politicians that I saw speak, Eric Massa (running for congress in NY state) was a real fire-breather - GREAT speech.

I mostly attended panels about the media, which were a mixed bag - there was some heated discussion between Matt Bai (defending journalism) and the audience at one panel, which I enjoyed.

The workshop for artists was a bit disappointing, poorly attended and not very interactive or participatory. Two of the panelists (a freelance photographer who showed images from the book Unembedded, and a 15-year-old girl who has become something of a celebrity for her online image/music/collage slideshow presentations) - were great, but the moderator was a bit weak, and it would have been more interesting if there was more audience involvement in what was supposed to be a workshop.

I think the coolest thing was just to meet all these people who I only knew from their writing on their blogs, and to see them mingling with various media and political celebrities.. Also to see the crowd was so diverse in age and gender (not so much in terms of race, though)

Media-wise, Robert Greenwald was there and showed the new Tom Delay film his company is distributing. That was actually one of the most interesting presentations about alternative ways to distribute and get the message out. I think I am going to sign up to have a house party when he comes out with his new film about the corruption and waste going on in Iraq because of all the private contractors there.

Anonymous said...

Off-topic - Martyrdom is murder?

"Fox News announced it would refer henceforth to such suicides [by te Guantanamo prisoners] as "homicide suicides," to let viewers know that they were actually attacks on American self-esteem."

from alicublog

Anonymous said...

Back on topic - lots of pix from YKos, here and here

reb said...

Those Greenwald house parties are fun. I had one for "Outfoxed" two years ago, only make sure you list it correctly, or you may wind up with too many people (the way I did)- there was almost nowhere to sit.

Anonymous said...

Another highlight at YK was the comedian from Laughing LIberally who was warming up the crowd before Harry Reid - he said something like, "I don't get the people who say they are pro-life, but they are also pro-death penalty. Are they just waiting to see how it turns out, it's ok if you kill it later - seems to me they are just "pro-crastination"