Monday, July 03, 2006

More Drama at Air America; Translation Debates

Someone posted to the comments section that Marc Maron will be making some kind of announcment on Wednesday about his future at Air America. Over on his blog, someone made a comment that Randi Rhodes just made a hint that maybe they are changing the morning line-up again. Could it be good news this time?
Meanwhile, I must return to Jean Valjean's flight from Javert.* If you have an opinion about the many translations of Les Miserables, post a comment here. I am reading Norman Denny's translation, which Hugo biographer, Graham Robb referred to as "swiss cheese." I started with Charles Wilbour's five years ago and found it less than artful. I haven't tried the others. I wrote my own Amazon review of Denny's translation, which I am enjoying. He got some props on the back from A.S. Byatt as "inventive, witty, sly, innovatory" and he's somehow associated with the NYRB, which despite their occasionally conservative commentary, know their literature.

* this is indeed related to my own book. It's one of my mandatory to-read books, and did you know that Huey P. Newton read Les Miserables THREE TIMES in highschool?

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