Sunday, July 09, 2006

New Website Of the Day

So every now and then I hear from some of you in real time that you're checking out my blog. Thanks! Glad to know my flower garden's getting noticed by someone besides the nice lady with alzheimer's that lives across the street. Once she came over and said to me, about six times in a row, "This is the best garden on the block." You have no idea how satisfying that is. Or maybe you do.
* * *
Today's website was easy to choose. I'm working on chapter two, and in the midst of rifling through old notes and looking for which library had which copy of the exact thing I needed, I turned to the web and found almost everything about the Haymarket bomb trial in one damn place.
But just to keep things a little more exciting, let me also link to the brouhaha about Timothy Messer-Kruse's sort-of-recent (recent in academic terms) article about anarchist bomb-making on h-labor. (just keyword search "haymarket")

And now, I must go back to work.
And to those of you who read, please comment, please!


Lee Schere said...

Hey Becca,

Yeah sorry to be a lurker. I always assumed since I didnt have my own blog that I shouldnt go around commenting, you know? If it helps, judging from the pics, I'm sure I'd agree with your memory challenged neighbor about the garden. I am sufficiently jealous of your dirt/space dirty space! this is the first time in years that I don't have a patch of my own and my (sometimes) green thumb is itching. I peeked at the haymarket stuff but found hide nor hair of the controversy you mentioned with a keyword search. Now I'm curiouser! Great to see you at the bandshell and thanks for hanging with us.

Anonymous said...

If you really want comments, methinks you should write more of your own comments, in response or just to elaborate your posts. And maybe excerpt from particularly good (or awful) comments for one of your posts occasionally because a lot of readers will never visit the comment threads. But the best way of all is to get active in the comments of another blog with more traffic that you find sympatico, with a link to your blog in your sig line