Wednesday, September 01, 2004

Feels like '68? Schwarzenegger praises Nixon, calls Humphrey a "socialist"

What were the headlines on Schwarzenegger's speech last night, let's see...
CNN says "Schwarzenegger's Star Power Dazzles Delegates" The New York Times "Upbeat Republicans Revive Theme of Compassion" and the Washington Post "Bush's Leadership Against Terror Hailed"
My headline: "Schwarzenegger on Nixon in '68 'A Breath of Fresh Air"
That's the news story, people, the one thing of substance that the man said. He said, Hubert
Humphrey was a socialist and Nixon supported "free enterprise" and that's when he became a Republican, 1968. He went on to try to convince immigrants from Guatemala that they should be Republicans if they believe that their families can manage their money better than the Republicans can. If he's talking about the California state government, he may be right, since they're the ones that handed the cash and the rights over to Arnold's buddies at Enron.
Meanwhile, an activist from the Ruckus Society says "we seek a safer world."

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