Friday, September 10, 2004

Letting William Rivers Pitt speak for me today

Hi peoples,
Last night, I was having dinner w/my favorite librarian, and I asked "how is it that people can still believe that Osama Bin Laden was somehow connected to Sadam Hussein?" and he said, "because we don't have a media." Too true. I forget the source of misinformation all too often.
William Rivers Pitt had a great commentary on this issue today. Check it out here:

If you didn't look at it yet, Jesse Jackson also had good comments on why it is that Kerry's campaign has failed to respond to the bullshit attacks on them. You can find it in Doug Ireland's column on "" or follow this link:

And now, I'm taking off to do the only thing that will stave off total media obsession: going to the gym where I will simultaneously sweat and listen to either Al Franken's radio show, which makes me feel perversely "in-tune and secure" because I can imagine that despite my workout time, I am not missing a minute of important "breaking news" should it happen,....or where I will blissfully ignore everything and instead listen to a medley of Metallica, Moby and other loud fast stuff while pumping my little legs as fast as they can go.

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