Tuesday, September 27, 2005

Beware of Dolphins...Anxiety Index

I don't know about you, but I find covert operations to teach dolphins to fire "toxic darts" at "terrorists" to be pretty damn anxiety producing. Are there more highly trained aquatic mammals out there ready to go into action as well? How will all this be affected by global warming?
I thought that the training of dogs and horses was bad enough. Dolphins have a reputation of being so kind and gentle, so friendly to humans. How unsurprising that the US military would take advantage of that. Please note, however, that dolphins may not be the kindly creatures you thought they were, but are perhaps the psycho-killers of the sea. According to the article from the NYT, the killer dolphins began showing up in studies in 1990. When did the military start training bottlenoses to shoot those darts and what was Dolphin boot camp like?


Anonymous said...

"Evidence Puts Dolphins in New Light, as Killers
(from "The New York Times", 6/Jul/1999)

William J. Broad"

why would it not surprise me if "William J Broad" was a pseudonym for Karl Rove ?

Anonymous said...

So basically dolphins are a lot like humans