Wednesday, October 05, 2005

Anxiety Index: Non-Native Species FSU in the Everglades

My animal-watching friend, Richard sent me the link to this news article and photo with the headline "Nature's version of Supersize me."


Anonymous said...

Oh for heavens sake. You live in NYC. Worry about the alligators in the sewers.

Anonymous said...

amazing how the burmese pythons take on american eating habits once here.

who knew that burmese pythons were vacationing in the everglades? clearly the python's eyes were too big for it's stomach.

I am not worried, I swallowed an entire otter family last night, and digested them easily.

atkins smatkins..moderation!

if we only could get the pythons in bathtubs at some DC hotels. sigh

Anonymous said...

A little story in this vein: Around a month or so ago, walking along Morgan Creek, George and Rio came upon a snake (possibly a copperhead) in the midst of swallowing a frog (possibly a rabbit). In any case the sudden appearance of man and dog gave the creature half way down the snake's mouth an opportunity to escape. So with surprising energy the not yet digested animal jumped/exploded out of the snake's mouth and in a flash disappeared into the underbrush. A happy ending (or not depending on which side you're on).

Anonymous said...

The "half-digested" creature probably died forthwith, of being "half-digested."