Thursday, October 06, 2005

I'm not in a Bad Mood but...

For a hilarious website featuring people who are, may I suggest that you read the "vent," which features this one to "my student." The ones from students to teachers are also enlightening. Apparently there are "christian" teachers out there who say God sent AIDS to kill gay people. There is one student who resents going to a Cinco de Mayo assembly and says it hurts his? patriotism to see Mexican flags waving in the school gym. There are a whole set of "to my ex-boyfriend" and "my ex-girlfriend" and my "ex-wife." Whoever came up with this thing, it's brilliant. Why is there no section "to my president"?

In fact, in that regard, I'm in something of a good mood...because of the collapse of the administration's fire wall, the chinks in its teflon coating. Whatever you want to call it, I'm eagerly awaiting indictments in the Plame case. Check out the Anonymous liberal blog, which has regular updates on all things Plame-leak related.

That's all for now. Time to work, I think.


bartelby said...

I had a Intro To Statistics professor who did not show up the first day of class but sent a substitute who instructed us to purchase the wrong calculator. She was at a conference. I still have both the wrong and right calculator, both expensive. She had never taught a class with freshmen before so basically it was like a badly behaved high school class. I was able to drop it late into the semester due to to certain circumstances. What I really wanted was an uderstanding of statistics. I got neither that nor my money back. My advice to anyone working as a professor is above all to show up that first day.

Not directly related but similar was my policy of deliberately putting absurdly wrong answers on my tests/quizzes when someone was copying off of me.
This was back in high school and while it may have resulted bad grades for me it was better than sex, heroin and birthday cake combined.

reb said...

what if you miss the first day of class because of the F train? That happened to me last semester, and was a large part of the motivation for starting this blog. Man, did it suck.

Bartleby said...

Well it's one thing if circumstances are beyond someone's control. The hassle of buying books and standing in line for books and hoping the books are there and hoping to have the cash increase (well I don't know what adjective to use here mostly because I've never taken statistics course taught in a profesional manner) a lot.
The fact that the prof. Just shrugged it off and told us how it was important for her to be at this conference was just insulting. This helped set the tone for the rest of the course. Students were literally having spitball fights and discussing the finer points of the Dave Matthews Band while I tried to sift through this person's passive/aggressive lectures for some useful piece of knowledge. There were 2 kinds of students in that class: the ones who were more concerened about the next kegger than their grade and the ones who felt ripped off. I stuck around until well past the add/drop date because I knew I could do a post-deadline drop due to "health reasons" if need be. Hoping against hope that the course would become worthwhile.

I think the next worst was the pomo Heidegger apologist. Certainly a good sized minority, possibly and absolute majority of students in all his classes took incompletes. This was something he encouraged. He drove in from Pennsylvania was virtually never in his office and gave the class no structure whatsoever. Basically he showed up and ran his mouth for 45 minutes.
Not progressive, but he thought he was, a lazy hippy with atrocious politics.

reb said...

oh well, compared to those guys, I'm anal. As one of my favorite students from previous days said, in his experiences, my class was "strict.: And yet, this kid comes by my office almost weekly to gab about history.
I credit facilitating Love and Rage meetings for my ability to run classrooms in colleges from Rutgers to U of M to CUNY. I would NEVER run my mouth for 45 least not without a plan.