Friday, October 14, 2005

Weather Update

Get out the arks, people. Just a reminder, here's today's almanac entry link. I'm gonna have to put this in my blogroll. We had record-breaking precipitation already. Check the numbers. Normal precipitation for Oct 14th was .12 inches. So far, the day's precipitation is 2.75. The record for precipitation from 1927 was 1.96 inches. Scariest, probably is that we are about 10X the normal "month-to-date" precipitation. For an indepth discussion of this week's rain, see this page on Ross Gelbspan's "heat is online."

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bartelby said...

I spoke to a guy who works on the Circle Line. On Thursday after the 4 p.m. boat Battery Park was closed because the water was over the edge of Manhattan and into the park. They were worried about people being electrocuted by the high voltage cables that send juice to the X-ray machines and metal detectors folks have to go through to go to the tourist attractions in the harbor.