Thursday, November 24, 2005

Family Arguments, Patti Smith, Starbucks Union and First Ever Starbucks Strike

Happy Thanksgiving, readers.
There's nothing to get the adolescent regression going like arguing w/your parents about the Democrats until you're blue in the face and then spending 40 minutes on the nordic track that's in your converted old childhood bedroom while listening to Patti Smith sing "Horses" which, if you don't know includes the classic lyric, "Go Rimbaud, Go Rimbaud, Go Johnny Go."
So after that, I found my brother reading the Dkos at the family computer page and found out who "anonymous" was. Hammer and tongs out again. sheesh - so my blood was up again, he said "I don't want to get into it!" and I stalked off to the shower.
Finally, I grabbed space at the computer to check my mail and found a message with the press release from the IWW about the Starbucks union efforts.
The IWW has organized the Union Square Starbucks. Read all about it on the Wobblies' web page. Also there, you can read about the New Zealand Starbucks union now on strike and joined by Pizza Hut and other low-wage workers on their picket line.
On the other hand, the holiday started with no new news on the PSC contract. It's getting aggravating. My thoughts on this are that if the leadership really wanted us to act and organize, they would tell us what the hell is still on the table. They must be bound by some kind of agreement not to tell us anything. How annoying.
But, it is a holiday, and time to find out my cooking assignment. I think it's sweet potatoes.


Anonymous said...

i keep waiting for the wobblies to take my suggestion of about 10 years ago & change to "I" in their full name to "Information."
Also, can you please post any cel phone pics of cranberry sauce you may have shot?

reb said...

sorry, no cranberry sauce pics. I ate it all beforeI got your comment.