Sunday, November 06, 2005

I hate grading exams. I hate giving exams. Why do I give exams? Links on French Riots

I hate grading exams because
A) I hate reading the same "copied out of the textbook answer" 100 times in a row
B) I suffer terrible conflict between my obsessive focus on historical accuracy and my recognition that first year college students can't be expected to know that much history or understand the nuances
C) I resent the time taken out of my life that I could be using to read books that are neither blue nor 8 pages long, and that are about things I DON'T already know
D) All of the above.
I hate giving exams. It makes the students nervous and it feels so fakey. Who knows whether it measures what they know or not. I allow them to bring notes, I give them the questions in advance, and as a result, they just copy shit out of the textbook and copy it again into the bluebooks. I mean, really. What's the point?
oh yeah....and weirdest of all: I take it personally when people don't know the answer. Like somehow, I imagine they are doing it to spite me.
Since I know this, at least I don't act on the bizarre feeling.

Oy, peoples. It's going to be a long day. I think there are 60 more bluebooks waiting for me next to the chilling coffee cup. Outside, there are bulbs to plant. There are movies to see.
And yes, there is news to keep up on. So, to answer a question from the indymedia pages, that's why this particular left wing blogger has almost nothing to say about the riots in Paris.

But why isn't there something on Counterpunch yet ?
Instead, there is an article about another article that disses everyone's favorite doom-predictor, Noam Chomsky.
Read it, read it.
OK, so what's going on with the riots. There's a pretty good article in The Independent. Wikipedia has a comprehensive entry about them as well. The wikipedia has a lot of links at the bottom, including this one to "Sketchy Thoughts" an anarchist? in Clichy Sous Bois, who defines the riots as a rebellion and calls the youth a revolutionary vanguard.

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