Friday, November 04, 2005

Up again to weirdness on Air America

I thought I had the radio tuned to NPR when I woke up this morning to hear Mark Riley taking calls on Air America, and I thought the boom had been lowered after all and that Marc Maron was gone from "Morning Sedition," but Riley announced that Maron would return to the show on Tuesday. On the other hand, when the radio break came and the name of the show was announced it said, "Morning Sedition" and didn't say "with Marc Maron and Mark Riley."
More and more people, including frequent MS guest, James Wolcott, are blogging about it. Here's an offcial "save morning sedition" page. If you love Marc M. write to the following two people:
Danny Goldberg:dannyg@airamericaradio.
(212)-871-8135 is a direct voicemail for Danny Goldberg's personal
snail mail to:

Air America Radio
641 Sixth Avenue
4th Floor
New York, NY 10011

Rob Glaser:

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