Friday, May 26, 2006

Thank GAWD it's Friday

How did you celebrate the convictions of Lay and Skilling? By dipping back into the "Smartest Guys in the Room"? By listening to Greg Palast and Amy Goodman on the WBAI pledge drive? (it's like a spike in my brain to listen to this damn endless pledge drive on WBAI although Palast did just make a funny joke) By watching prison flicks?
Last night, my Mom reminded me that Bernie Ebbers was still out pending appeal. We wondered, why is this option available to rich assholes, but not to anyone else? Yes, maybe it's too soon to celebrate.
* * *
I also discovered that I have a remote personal tie to Enron. Tomorrow, I'm going to my fifteenth college reunion at Wesleyan, and did a little googling to find out what had become of my former classmates. I found out that a guy who used to be an environmentalist anti-nuke activist who dated my hyper-womanist room-mate was now the CEO of a natural gas company in Texas. I thought to myself, "who sold natural gas in Texas?" why, Enron of course! And it turns out that my alumnus once-radical pal had gone to business school in Michigan and wound up pimping out Enron's wacky strategy in Germany, I think for its water privatization division, Azurix. I guess if you're going to sell out, you might as well do so in a big way.
Meanwhile, the guy who I thought was really conservative and straight-laced in college turns out to be one of the most interesting people from my graduating class: Spencer "Kip" Boyer.
The main thing that people seem to remember about me from Wesleyan was my manic-panic plum hair.
You can file that under "I guess I was punk once"

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