Thursday, December 08, 2005

Big News, Good News -- Dave Lindorff on Mumia Abu Jamal's case

As I was waking up this AM I heard something I thought I never would. One of the many appeals for Mumia has actually succeeded. To me, the most amazing part of the third circuit court of appeals decision is that they are willing to hear evidence about Judge Albert Sabo's bias. Was Alito on the bench, or is he off it now that he's a Sup Ct. nominee?
Dave Lindorff, whose research on Mumia'a case is better than most, has a succinct analysis of it on his website. Ever since the disastrous book by "defense" assistant counsel John Williams, and the related firing of Leonard Weinglass from Mumia's case, I've held little hope for the campaign to save him, not because of legal strategy, but because of how popular organizing was being done, or not being done. Now, however, the new atty on the case since last year is doing a great job, and the political organizing around Mumia may also have calmed down in its sectarian frenzy.
It also fits my general belief that when there is greater unrest and momentum for social movements in the society, courts are often more willing to hear appeals, whether as some means of appeasement, or because they too, feel the transition in the air. I don't know the behind-the-scenes specifics on this one though. Do you? If so, please post.

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Anonymous said...

Alito remains on the 3d Circuit until confirmation.