Friday, December 23, 2005

Sorry, Technical Difficulties Prevented Posting in the Last Couple of Days

For some reason, blogger hasn't been cooperating with me lately. I've been writing these big posts with tons of links and then losing the whole entry. agggh.

Here's one I did around this time yesterday, and it's still relevant, so I'm posting it now:
Last night, I was up chatting late with a friend who had a great insight. I was telling him how the NY city govt's and the media's line on the strike has been that the TWU strikers are hurting low-wage workers who have it worse than they do. He remarked on the interesting timing of this new-found interest in the city's poor and compared it to the right's newfound interest in the rights of Iraqis. When I got up to read the "papers" this morning, I found another example. Did anyone else find it sort of ironic that the NY Daily News published an article about the impact of the subway strike on the homeless population?
Come on, Mayor, Come on Governor....since when have you showed a whit of compassion for the city's low wage workers?and poor? how about rents and building plans in the city, who are they for? have you shown an interest in even the small business owners? I think a lot of them were and are pretty pissed about your various stadium and real-estate deals. Is it really the TWU that's making the lives of the lower wage workers bad in this town? No, no, and no.

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