Friday, December 09, 2005

Newsflash to Wingnuts: ACLU Not Anti-Christian

After I googled Samuel Alito and "third circuit court of appeals," I cama across some wingnut blog which referred to the "Socialist" ACLU and its Christian-hating policies. Damn. I had heard all my various left-wing news outlets talking about the right wing Christmas propaganda war now raging, but I hadn't encountered it in the raw yet.
How can people be so ignorant? Maybe they just listen to the crap that spews out of their teevees and radios and never bother even once to look something up for themselves?
So, if that dope w/the blog comes here, maybe he'll read this list of cases involving religion that the ACLU took on. If the dope says, "but that's the ACLU's web-page! You can't trust them," I have this to say to him: If the ACLU were lying about taking on those cases (like the one of the school girl who wanted to sing some Christian song at her school) then it would be DAMN easy to prove it. It would be as easy to prove as it is easy to prove that Bill O'Reilly never won a Peabody, but he SAID he did. If you read that article, you'll wonder, along with me, "is it legal to lie to like that?" (By the way, if you look up who HAS won Peabodies lately, you'll see Link TV, Dan Rather, and John Stewart, but I don't think the Fox crowd was in the running.
Don't people begin to feel a little bit stupid for continuing to listen to this idiot liar with the loofah on the brain? urgh. Thinking about it makes me queasy. Time for bed. I'm reading Alfred Doblin for the holidays because he is not a liar.
What about you, what's on your winter holiday reading list?


Anonymous said...

i'm going backwards in time & slogging though Taylor Branch, "Parting the Waters." I borrowed it off the bookshelf at some house party i was at this summer & eventually the owner is gonna miss it.

Anonymous said...

Taylor Branch speaks in NYC 1/30:

"We live in a world that has been remade by Martin Luther King, says Taylor Branch, the Pulitzer Prize-winning biographer of Dr. King (Parting the Waters; Pillar of Fire), who comes to Miller Theatre to mark the publication of At Canaan's Edge: America in the King Years, 1965-1968, the third and final volume in his definitive history of the civil rights movement and Martin Luther King, Jr.'s place in it. At Canaan's Edge covers the final years of King’s life and his struggle to hold his non-violent movement together.... Branch will discuss King's final years, exploring how King, at the height of his moral powers, demonstrated his true heroism as what Branch calls a "modern Founder" of America.

Anonymous said...

Don't mess with X-mas! (FafBlog)

"...Christmas can beat up Hanukkah, Eid and Kwanzaa without breaking a sweat.

Christmas is a sacred, religious time - a season to commemorate the coming of our lord and savior Santa Claus. Every year Santa and his heraldic winged reindeer emerge from their manufacturing facilities in the frozen north to sell overpriced gadgets, processed snack foods, and proprietary game software to all the good little consumers of the world. It is his greatest gift to us: for Santa so loves the world that he exploits his overseas workforce, that whosoever would purchase his products would not pay exorbitant fees, but save on a fine selection of high quality goods every day.

But you wouldn't know that from listening to secular culture and its war against Christmas, which clutters the public sphere with meaningless crap like mangers and Baby Jesii! The Budweiser Holiday Horses are spinning in their graves!"

Anonymous said...

i like how the plural of Jesus is Jesii.

Anonymous said...

Actually I think its Jesura

Anonymous said...

excuse me, I meant Jesera