Friday, December 16, 2005

They're Going Out....Soon

A few minutes ago, I heard the traffic and weather guy on Air America say that the TWU had just voted to go on a "partial" strike, but have set no official time for its beginning. It's starting with private bus lines in Queens. According to the NYT, a full strike won't begin, if it does, until Tuesday morning. In my apartment, we will know when the trains stop running, because the whole place shakes a little when the train goes rumbling underneath us. The Village Voice has printed more from Toussaint's statement to the press and gives more of the union's side of things. It suggests that the vote to begin an MTA-wide strike on Monday leaves the door open for the MTA to return to the bargaining table at the last minute.
So, the predictions of my knowledgeable nay-saying office-mate have turned out to be wrong, but this guy, Dragoneyefly, on Josh Marshall's site had the inside dope yesterday and predicted the strike would begin Monday.
Of course, while I'm writing this, I'm listening to the last "Morning Sedition" show. Cindy Sheehan just called in. The "final show" blog has over 700 comments (a hundred new ones between the time I wrote that and when I started reading them - about 30 minutes). No more Marc and Mark in the AM.
Booo Hooo.

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