Thursday, March 31, 2005

Corporate Give Away news....

I hope that this time the NY Post is as wrong about the stadium deal as they were about Election 2000. Meanwhile, while the Jets may get a sweet deal, the service in the subway will continue its steady decline, but perhaps the legislature's approval of the capital plan will help. As the same story will tell you, our fearless Governor is still planning on going after the already too-small education budget with a big pair of scissors. In national corporate give-away news, today is the AFL-CIO's official national day of action to stop the privatization of Social Security. And then there's this cheery news from last week: The Indian parliament has formally caved in to the WTO's TRIPS agreement.

My favorite source on all things WTO related is Walden Bello, whose znet page is a bit out of date, but check here: to read his biography. Perhaps he is behind on his internet life because of the publication of his name on a Communist Party hit-list in the Philippines. In case you are tempted to imagine that there is some reality to the CPP's attacks on Bello, please note that this comes as part of their attack on the Porto Allegre World Social forum as an “imperialist plot to derail people from world revolution." Search as I might, I have been unable to locate any published commentary from E.San Juan on this conflict. Has he written anything about it? My time on the internet today must draw to a close.

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