Thursday, March 17, 2005

Update on CCNY arrests from Znet, Paredes links

What do my gentle readers think of Ferrer's comment to the City Cops' union that the Diallo shooting wasn't a "Crime" and was "over-convicted?"
It seems pretty weak to me. It seems as if Ferrer had counted on any news organizations publishing the content of this speech to the cops, and now I can't imagine it will help his campaign.

..In another NYPD story, Znet just published an article about the arrests at City college, which says that at least one of the students has been suspended from school. This is really an outrage. Unfortunately, with Znet, it's hard to get page links, but you can find this one by looking for the article on recruiting protests. Students are urging people to call a whole set of people. You can find out about action plans on the campus anti-war network website.

And speaking of Znet, I hadn't read Norm Solomon lately, but I almost always appreciate his comments. He has a short piece from 3/11 about Moveon's refusal to take a strong stand against the war. I have been quickly deleting their mailings for a while now.

Finally... The recent Democracy Now story on AWOL soldiers, which began with a Harper's cover story was really excellent and provided a new take on how best to support the troops. People representing AWOL soldiers (including Pablo Paredes) will be speaking next week at the Borough of Manhattan Community College, March 23rd at 7pm - It's definetely worth going if you can. You can find more info about Pablo, along with comments from Howard Zinn, Chalmers Johnson and Ron Kovic at There is also a bizarre comment from Oliver Stone there that sounds like someone trying to be clever and ironic, but doesn't make any sense.

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Alex Vitale said...

Don't forget Saturday's anti military recruiting actions in the Bronx, Brooklyn, and Manhattan sponsired by the War Resisters League ( That's a pretty good way to support families before their kids end up in the military.