Tuesday, March 29, 2005

Iraqi Trade Unionists, American College Politics, MTA and Sharpton

you've seen it and heard it, but just in case, here's the latest news on the west-side yards from Field of Schemes. In my half-awake state on Sunday morning, I also heard Al Sharpton talking about why he had decided to back the stadium proposal, and here's another similar story about the Jets proposal to hire black workers. I don't know what Sharpton's strategy or reasoning is...because in the long run, those jobs aren't going to be permanent and the stadium is a rip off, as Freddy Ferrer pointed out in a recent speech. Apparently, there's a possibility that the MTA will reject both bids. Cross your fingers - two days till the decision, unless!

I have been wanting to know, but haven't seen very much coverage of Iraqi trade union activity, but here is a succinct summary of union mobilization in Iraq.
In the somewhat far-off future, I'm glad to see that there will be a tour of Iraqi trade unionists from May 6th-22nd, organized by US labor Against the War.

Locally, there is much to complain about. At Columbia, the University President continues to equivocate about academic freedom and pander to the right wing. Here's a nice editorial commentary by Baruch Kimmerling of Hebrew University in Jerusalem.
At CUNY, four people at CCNY are still threatened with prosectuion for their participation in a protest against military recruiters...and don't forget, they're holding a rally on Thursday at noon at the NAC center -- if you happen to be around there during the day.

And speaking of the limits of speech....back in the day, well, Barbara Goldsmith's story of the life and times of Victoria Woodhull is pretty fascinating stuff. Woodhull really did scandalize everyone with her arguments against marriage, and when she got in trouble for being too challenging, seen as not quite the proper vehicle for Suffrage politics, she got even. Bizarrely, her proclivity for digging up scandal and pointing out hypocrisy reminded me of Larry Flynt, who, despite every claim he might try to make, is no feminist champion.


George Entenman said...

I did a google news search for stories on the Pope's feeding tube and here are the headlines I got:

Pope Being Fed Through Nasal Tube -Vatican
Pope Being Fed Through Nasal Tube, Vatican Says
Pope Being Fed Via Nasal Tube
Pope Getting Nutrition From Feeding Tube
Pope Getting Nutrition From Tube
Pope being fed through a tube
Pope being fed through nasal feeding tube
Pope fed through nasal tube
Pope getting nutrition from feeding tube
Pope is being fed through nasal tube
Pope's doctors considering feeding tube

Want to bet that the NY Times changes its headline? This is it:

Doctors Insert Feeding Tube Through Pope's Nose

I just spoke with someone here at work and found that he didn't know the colloquial meaning of "Pope's nose". Just in case you don't know it either, you can find a picture of one here (It's item #2). In my family, it also applies to the analagous part of a chicken, and this usage is supported here.

George Entenman said...

I was right!! It's now 7pm my time (EST), and the headline on the website now reads:

Pope Receiving Food Through Nasal Tube

There must have been some funny meetings at the NY Times offices today!

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