Tuesday, March 29, 2005

Room-mate Searching, File Sharing and More

Back from the bloggie-break. You guys have no idea how much time this can take up. Or, maybe you do. I started to think that I was falling behind in my work because I was staying up reading the news and choosing links.
A lot has happened in the world, and I got feedback that some of my readers enjoy the dating stories and personal life musing more than anything else I write here. Sorry folks, but there's nothing to report except a sad afternoon meeting with a certain librarian involving the exchange of various books and socks. The next day I met a nice couple at a party who enthusiastically told me the story of their previous break up a year ago. They exchanged their stuff and it was sad, they said, awful, hideous, but the very worst was disconnecting their joint phone account, for which they both had to go in person to the corporate office. The whole thing got so ridiculous that they got back together. They were a different type of couple entirely, obviously.
Other relatively trivial news involves my search for a room-mate, which has gone on much longer than I would like. Last night, I met a fellow who must not have read my room-mate ad very carefully. He was an odd character, an unemployed, fiftyish Southerner, a waiter of uncertain sexual preference, very nervous, never took his coat off while looking at the place, mentioned that one of his room-mate requirements was that the room-mate not have many overnight guests "loafing around" the place. That all seemed a bit of an awkward and repressed way to discuss his discomfort with my potential sex life, and then he let it out that he was actually a Republican. As a neo-con waiter, who seems much like a closeted Gay man, he won't have an easy time settling in NYC, but maybe his mental insulation is very strong.

Real "news": I woke up this morning listening to Marc Maron and Mark Reilly discussing file sharing with their listeners. Then there's the ongoing story about ipod subway thefts. Damn, I would hate it if someone ripped off my "creative zen" player because of its little white earphones just to get some of the music I stole on the internet. No, that's a joke, most of the tunes on there were legally acquired, I swear. I am sure that the reason for increased subway crime is not the desirable little pods, but rather the decrease in number of booth attendants, etc. I'm sure it's connected to all the Corporate welfare that sucks up all the money in this burg. On the same, hideous note, NY1's top story today was that suburb loving, city wrecking Governor is now officially planning on running for president. The whole thing makes me feel like crying or tearing my hair, the way people whose primary achievement in office was to destroy the places that they "represented" wind up getting rewarded for it by being "elected" president.

Speaking of music...for the first time in months perhaps, Amy Goodman is actually playing good music ("where's the love" - by the Blackeyed Peas, damn, I'd love to download that.) in between stories on her show "Democracy Now." Her taste is dictated entirely by the topicality of lyrics. And she mentioned, speaking of lyrics, the scandalous news of McDonalds' offer to rappers to advertise for them. I was noticing the number of brand-names in Jay-Z's raps the other day, and I felt much less guilty for downloading that stuff. If you read the story I just linked to, you'll find that this is not the first time. Apparently, Seagrams' gin has paid several rappers. What about Hennessy and Crystal? Have they paid to become the most name-checked brand liquors in rap lyrics?
I couldn't find out, but I did find this amusing little piece comparing rappers and bloggers.
and that's enough rambling for one day.

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