Friday, March 25, 2005

The Results of "Starving the Beast"

Did you see this story about how the people in charge of testing kids in the public schools sent out tests rife with spelling errors and incorrect answers to math problems? Thank you soooo much for "raising standards." For all who haven't read it, I recommend reading the book Standardized Minds.

It's a double disservice. Thanks to the Daily News for covering the maddening transit delays. The Times had a similar story about worsening service. Unfortunately, the NYT seems to blame riders and workers instead of the stingy budget.

and finally, a friend mentioned this article about Pataki's influence on SUNY. The article at one point contrasts the reputation of CUNY in the State Legislature with SUNY, calling the City University a "darling" while SUNY is a "problem child." If that is so, then why are CUNY's faculty being offered a measley 2.5% raise -- out of which contributions to our collapsing welfare fund (which pays dental, eyecare, and prescription drug benefits) are supposed to be made?

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