Wednesday, January 18, 2006

Another Smoking Gun

Last night, a friend told me about the several days worth of hoopla dedicated to the exaggerations of James Frey in "A Million Little Pieces." "It took up the whole Week In Review!" he exclaimed.
Readers were just outraged that they'd been betrayed and now they are suing Mr. Frey for lying to them.
Meanwhile, in the NYT today, there's an article about yet another smoking gun" memo that has been unearthed about what the Bush administration refer to as "faulty intelligence" and what the rest of us call "cooking up a phony threat of nuclear weapons in Iraq to scare the public into a war in Iraq." Raw Story today has an article about the connection of Michael Ledeen to the forged Niger documents. "Surprisingly," this news, which suggests that despite their claims to be simply "ill informed," the Bush administration knew those docs. were fake before they used them as a reason to go to war, is not all over the front pages of American newspapers.


Anonymous said...

Ah the politics

Anonymous said...

This is my new slogan: "The president lied us into GWAR." ( I have a sign that says this. I am bringing this sign to all demos from now on. It has a nice picture of the president (telling lies) and another nice picture of GWAR (being GWAR). It is a good sign.