Tuesday, January 24, 2006

Big News?

I haven't felt too much like blogging lately for some reason, but I'm back and to bad news. Alito just won his judiciary committee vote - with ten republican yes votes and eight Democratic party no votes. At least some of those dems. responded to the pressure from their constituents.
Speaking of congress, I did just see an interesting diary on the Daily Kos this afternoon, which reprints a story from the Conservative Washington Times that predicts impeachment proceedings to begin against Bush in the House by as early as next month. I find this doubtful. Kossacks have commented. I wonder what the folks at Capitol Hill Blue will have to say about this one. Nothing about impeachment there that I could see, but give them some time and I'm sure they'll say something.
Also today, I picked up and perused Doug Henwood's new book on the so-called "New Economy" and the current economic decline. I'm ambivalent about Henwood, who misprepresents anti-globalization activists, in my opinion, but more about this later.


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bartelby said...

There is not much about the protestors in the Henwood piece I think you are linking to. I've read the book you are talking about though, it is not bad. His strong suit is contextualizing and critiquing american business ideology. Hence the book and his periodical The Left Business Observer. Once he gets out of that element he is no better an analyst than any dozen other people I know. We were once going to run an article he wrote about the Asian fiscal crisis in Love and Rage. There was a question about the connotation of a word he used. I queried him thinking he would appreciate seeking him for clarification. His response was something about not indulging such intellectual laziness and to "look the damn thing up." This when the whole point was about the connotation anyway. The article never ran, mostly because we waited so long to publish. The organization was splitting and many folks in neither faction "broke up over the phone" with it's remains.

bartelby said...

Perhaps I should not have ended my comment on such an unpleasant note.
Most of my experence in L&R, since I was unfortunate enough to be born in the NY area, involve being part of an informal core. What does it feel like to be part of the 'informal core?' Well for me it's was a lot like being a gong show contenstant. You have to spin those plates and hope the judges are impressed by your performance.
The resulting bitterness and being gonged and humiliated by Chuck Barris resulted in bitterness I will hold probably until the final moments of my existence.