Monday, January 09, 2006

Who Was the Biggest Wingnut? Vote Here!

If you watched or listened to today's hearings of Samuel Alito, who would you pick as the biggest wingnut of the day? I'd go for the last one, who I think was the last Republican, Tom Coburn of Oklahoma. He listed several recent Supreme Court decisions that he found to be contradictory and then said they were "schizophrenic," and why so schizophrenic? he explained, because they're "without foundation."
I guess he thinks the only foundation worthy of mention would be the Old Testament, huh? Because the foundation I think that might explain some of the conflicting decisions he listed would be the US Constitution.

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Anonymous said...

One of my friends summed up Alito's opening statement thus: "When i was growing up, we were too poor to afford a judicial philosophy."