Tuesday, July 26, 2005

It's an old Katha Politt column, but a good one

As we get ready for the Roberts confirmation hearings, I keep hearing people talk about dumping Roe v. Wade from the Democratic party's list of "principles." I hear it on the radio, I read it on DailyKos, and I even heard it on a date! (sorry, no link)
Isn't it interesting that everyone who says this is male? Maybe that's because they can't imagine the panicked feeling of an unwanted pregnancy.
Katha Pollit wrote a column on this issue recently in The Nation, in which she breaks down the state-by-state consequences of Roe's overturning.The only thing that makes me glad about hearing democrats make this silly argument about how it's going to be politically good for the democrats if Roe is lost ( I guess the unwanted children, garbage-can infanticides, and deaths from illegal abortions will be collateral damage) is that it gives me ammunition in my regular arguments with Dem. party family members and friends who STILL can't forgive me for voting for Nader in 2000.
One of the big issues involved in the birth control politics debate (which is the secret behind the far right's attack on abortion) is the question of birth control pills, particularly RU 486 and "Plan B." I believe that all three prescription meds would be in serious danger were Roe V. Wade to be overturned. For those who are questioning what the choice polls mean, here's an interesting discussion on the morning after pill from a far-right republican site, "Free republic," where indeed most people seem to respond in favor of keeping Plan B and argue that birth control pills are not the same thing as abortion. I guess these folks don't really know their own party, since Bush's appointees include wing-nut, David Hager.
I have no respect for people who claim to be pro-choice and yet vote for Republicans; I think they're just selfish bastards. Do they have something in common with men who argue that the Dems. should drop abortion rights for political expedience?

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