Friday, July 29, 2005

Open Thread: Anxiety Index

What with subway searches, police shootings, and a heavier and heavier chemical load, there's been a lot to be worried about this week.
Please ante up with the most anxiety provoking stories you've heard. I'm going with the bit about the chemicals contained in nail polish and oher cosmetics being found in significant quantities in human blood and urine. It just doesn't make me feel too good about polishing my toenails.

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...Looks like the show’s over for Rock Star: INXS host Brooke Burke and her husband, Garth Fisher, a plastic surgeon who has worked on ABC's Extreme Makeover.... In a statement to PEOPLE, Burke and Fisher said, "Although our careers have taken us in different directions the past few years, we have a great deal of respect for one another." Burke, a popular pinup model and former star of action travel show Wild On, and Fisher have been together for seven years and married for four years