Monday, July 04, 2005

When Sweethearts Collide

If you thought the fight between Cablevision and the NY Jets over the MTA railyards in Chelsea was something, just look at the bidding war between Chevron and the Cnooc for Unocal. At a moment when patriotism is declared all important, reading this article indicates just the "strategic" nature of natinonalist claims by corporations, as Chevron denounces its frequent partner in business, the Chinese Govt. for giving too many breaks to Chinese oil company, Cnooc.
These multnationals, a people without a country, huh? No, they're seeking for a world without a people.
Meanwhile...George Bush, our idiot-in-chief, stands firmly against the Kyoto treaty, insisting that it will destoy the US economy. no...perhaps what will hurt the US economy is dependence on oil as a fuel. Do something about fuel consumption and emissions, oh government, before the world gets any hotter. Will the Prez's lame ideas do anything to stop the cozy Bush-Blair alliance?

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