Wednesday, July 13, 2005

Obsessed with the Injustice of it all

I'm home from a very long day of reading about Italian American syndicalists, and just eagerly checked my email for the breaking news of Karl Rove's firing. didn't see it either?
It's frustrating isn't it?
I'm hungry for justice. Tex, a commenter on the Media Matters site, (which is doing a great job tracking the fuck-headed media that keeps actually reporting that Republican talking point that Rove didn't "name" Valerie Plame (but simply identified her as Wilson's wife who works for "the agency") as if that somehow makes him not guilty of leaking her identity)
is as exasperated as I am, and as you are, by this whole Republispin machine. Tex suggested going for a google record on discussions of ridiculous parsing.

In response to the Media Matters story that the
re: NY Times repeated bogus GOP talking point that Bush promised to fire leaker only if Plame were identified by name
Tex wrote....
All Progressives:
Just to REMIND yourselves of the tremendous ridicule and excoriation the Rightwing feels is appropriate whenever a government official attempts to "parse" their words or engage in "legalese" instead of being straightforward, let me suggest a few GOOGLE searches. We can certainly bone up on the amount, the severity, and the TONE on the approved Rightwing response to the parsing of whether Valarie Plame's ACTUAL NAME was used, by inserting certain KEY WORDS: "CLINTON +
1. "IS" is (23,300,000 hits)
2. sexual relations (566,000 hits)
3. ALONE with (3,960,000 hits)
Let's go for a record. Let's strive for over 24 MILLION hits on key words "Bush Rove Actually Named"
by tex

I think this is a great idea, but we have a very long way to go. So far, according to google, the count is 644 hits when you search rove "actual name," and not all are Plame/Wilson related.

You get 254 for Karl Rove Actually Named

with "Rove identified wilson wife" you get 47,200 hits.

Woo Hoo with "Rove Named Plame" (which sounds kinda cool, for a criminal act) you get 111,000 hits.

That being said, that's far less than 24,000,000. Meanwhile, I'm worried about the fact that Limbaugh and others are already declaring victory on this matter. (no, I'm not linking to that fattie).
They spun the Downing street memo. Will they really spin this one too? Everyone knows Rove is a creep, a little weasel who got journalists to conspire with him in punishing govt. whistleblowers.
The question I like, which Robert Perry - who I didn't realize was behind that "October Surprise" documentary that chilled my blood in the 80s- asked on Consortium News two days ago was... just who told Rove and what was his "need to know?"
he says....
again, the national news media seems to have missed the forest for the trees. By concentrating on whether Rove specifically spoke Plame’s name to Cooper, the media is missing the significance of the fact that a political operative like Rove would have a hand in this operation at all. The larger point is that senior White House officials, possibly including Bush, revealed the identity of a covert CIA officer as part of what appears to be a conspiracy to discredit Wilson in retaliation for telling the truth in his op-ed column. The key incriminating fact in this mystery is that Rove had no reason to know who Plame was, except as part of a public relations attack against her husband. It was a classic case of dirtying up – or punishing – the messenger for delivering unwanted news.

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