Monday, July 18, 2005

Whenever Someone Comes up With something nice, look what happens.

My stepfather sent me a link to a news-story about an attack on Malaysia's "teapot cult." For more information about this interfaith community, whose massive teapot structure was inspired by one of the members' dreams, go here and here.
Without knowing any more about him than you do, oh readers, I'd say, what's preposterous about this guy claiming to be God? One of his arguments is that he is omniscient, or at least, he says he "knows more than George Bush."
He seems as good to me as a lot of people claiming to be God are...At least he says all religions are welcome, all religions are the same, and speaks up for clean water, peace and love. Sounds like a reasonable set of priorities to me....all of those resources are pretty scarce.
I went to see what the idiots on the far-right had to say about what's going on in Malaysia. I figured they'd be leaping at the opportunity to point out a Muslim government oppressing a peace-loving religious sect.
However, they are such superficial readers that the people over at "little green footballs" just mocked the Sky Kingdom group, compared them to Bin Laden (?) and wondered why "normal Muslims" weren't embarrassed by them. I guess they missed the point. Now, I'm cerainly not writing about this because I think Muslim governments are especially repressive, but because I was curious when I read about the conflict. Apparently, the US isn't that interested in repressive theocracies either (surprise surprise!) because guess who's our buddy in the "war on terror." Now let's see, what's more important to Bush and his American supporters, religious freedom -- or money? I know who I think should be embarrassed by this latest news from Malaysia, and it's not the Ayeh Pin.

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Anonymous said...

You wrote "I'm cerainly not writing about this because I think Muslim governments are especially repressive"

That cracked me up. Your blog has given me a couple of good laughs today.