Saturday, July 16, 2005

Open Thread: Politics as Heard on the Street

Have you heard people talking about Bush, Rove, and the leak...or any other political thing on the street, or on the subway? Have you wound up in conversation with total strangers about any of these issues? If so....share your stories of street talk here.


sf_gary said...

I haven't heard anything, but living in Santa Monica means it's not necessary to speak up - everyone assumes everyone else is as disgusted about Bushco. as they are, and if they're not they know they're in the minority. But...

I was placing an ad for a linux web designer on craigslist LA and SF and stopped by for a few minutes in the "rants and raves" sections of each. I noticed that the defenses offered by the token republicans were fewer and farther between... Why mention this particular crowd? Because the debate taking place in that forum is much closer to what Americans are thinking than what I see on the blogs. But today it's obvious which of the shouters on craigslist have the upper hand, and for once it's not the suburban republicans.

One point about l'affair de Rove, and this certainly didn't come from the street: the metaphorical-molotov-cocktail-throwing Alexander Cockburn at Counterpunch observes that outing a CIA operative is as much public good as it is treason (my synopsis, not his words). I disavow Cockburn's inflammatory rhetoric about Israel... I'm no anti-semite (I know, those are usually the first words of a bigot, but hear me out), but a trancer who dances with Israelis (little known fact outside the trance or Israeli communities: trance is a major part of the culture of Israeli youth - it takes fast, complex music to shut off the voices in the heads of those who've been taught since childhood that the entire world hates them)... which is a long way to say that I cringe at some of Cockburn's insinuations, but have grudging agreement about the larger point - considering some of the things our "leaders" have done to us, what's happened to the CIA woman is small potatoes, and if any of her downline operatives actually lost their lives as a result of this it's a true tragedy. That tragedy, though, just takes a junior place alongside the tragedy of dead children in Iraq. At least the operatives chose the danger; the children weren't consulted.

reb said...

I'm unclear about what anti-semitism has to do with you find Cockburn anti-semitic? I don't! Did you go to the JATO link on the sidebar?