Wednesday, August 17, 2005

Rock Concerts I Saw Or Wished I Had

Update: It's the end of an era. I've changed the title on this post to deter the flood of Spanish web searchers who are dying to find the lyrics to a popular song that I've never heard, or heard of. I won't put the title of this very popular song in my post out of fear that the flood will continue.
And now...back to the archived post.

I am seriously lucky, as lucky as if I were drinking that crazy potion that Harry Potter had. A few weeks ago, I was browsing for lyrics from "The Hold Steady," everyone's favorite "bar band" when I discovered they were playing a show. I saw them w/my room-mate and they rocked, they really rocked. Every song was a blistering anthem. However, both of us were shocked and disturbed at the amount of liquor they consumed on stage. The whisky bottles, the beers, the champagne for the encore. They were dizzy with their own newfound success, but it was like talking to a really smart drunk, who at first was charming and funny, but became repetitive and obsessive as the night went on. But yes, perhaps they will "save rock and roll." I just hope they go into recovery. Can you imagine what Craig Finn would come up with after being in AA? It would surely be about ten times more profound.
So, my luck continues...Just now, I was happily listening to The Decembrists when I decided to look for the lyrics to "16 Military Wives" and again, just in time - I discovered that the cute little indie-pop stars are playing at Summerstage tomorrow night. oh joy!
I know this isn't much of a diary, but guys, I am in the middle of a deadline crunch for my book. Do enjoy that show if you get a chance.
(five minutes later)
oh, blogreaders!.... Apparently, I'm not lucky enough. I just checked the Summerstage website and it turns out the Decemberists, who are opening for much more famous "Death Cab For Cutie" are sold out. sigh.

If I had to choose one indie-rock band to see this Summer, it would be The Hold Steady. And did you know that those Robin-Hitchcock-wannabes (see how fast the grapes go sour?) aren't even English? Damn! I mean, I can see them anytime; I mean really, the Decemberists are from Portland, Oregon. "infanta," my ass.
No, I'm happy that those guys have made it. I really am.
I've already made plans for tomorrow night anyway, to go to the movies. And, I've gotta read some books.


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reb said...

Go ahead,swear at me just for an entry I wrote a year ago that you found on google while looking up lyrics to a song currently popular in Spain. That makes SO much sense.

Anonymous said...

thats exactly what happened to me..but i wont swear at you.

reb said...

Hey, Me....sorry. It seems a lot of people come here that way. Weird. Meanwhile, check out the current entry. My blog isn't really so bad.