Thursday, August 04, 2005

Another Two Years of Waiting Before we Know

I just finished reading the most recent Harry Potter book, and immediately after, to continue the experience, I went looking on the web aftewards to as many fan sites as I could handle. Let's face it, all the currently blogging Harry Potter fans are now in a state of very deep denial. To an extent, I do mean that HP fans are in denial about what actually happened, but there's another kind of denial that really is such denial that we're not even talking about. You know what I mean; it's in the headline. Everyone who's blogging and speculating, and searching for clues from Rowling in her various interviews about what the end of book six meant and what will happen next is in denial about one unalterable truth. We can speculate as much as we want, but book seven won't be coming out for another two years. I think this sad truth is all the more painful because more so than in any other of the Potter books, this one left a lot of very big questions hanging. I agree with the other speculating readers out there that there was something very mysterious and complicated going on in the entire last 60 pages or so of the book.
This kind of suspense will drive me mad for a few days, but two years from now, I swear, I will have forgotten all about horcruxes, the early life of Tom Riddle and everything else,(though I will probably be wondering a lot about that RAB and that mysterious green potion. geez!) and I will have to read the whole thing AGAIN just to be prepared for the finale. I'm just hoping that by then my memory will have gotten so crammed full of other things that I really won't remember it all.
But, if you're potty for Potter, as Peeves the poltergeist might say, and you just are crushed that you're done with the book, may I recommend a visit to the afore-linked "Leaky Cauldron" fansite, which has every possible theory about the meaning of Potter that you could ever imagine, along with several lengthy interviews with the delightful Rowling, who loves to read her fans' creative theories about her books. For those who have already read the book, I suggest also, for laughs, for sociological research, or for whatever: Kevin Drum's page at the Washington Monthly, and some other takes on Potter: from Democratic Underground, from some weird discussion board, and from someone's lesson plan for 7-8 graders
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