Sunday, August 07, 2005

Open Thread: Anxiety Index

what more is there to say?


Anonymous said...

Director, Boulder Abortion Clinic

This flyer was placed in the doors of all my neighbors in North Boulder on Wednesday afternoon (7/20/05) by the antiabortion fanatics who have been screaming at the people of Colorado this week. The purpose of the flyer is to cause hate and fear. Its purpose is to get someone to kill me.

This kind of flyer has preceded the assassination of each abortion doctor in the United States. It is terrorism. Its authors hate freedom. Its authors hate thought. Its authors hate what America means.

On Wednesday afternoon, after demonstrating at my office and another clinic for two days, after harassing abortion doctors in Denver in their private homes, the leaders of "Operation Save America" came to my neighborhood to place these leaflets at every house.

"Operation Save America" wants all my neighbors to hate me. This despicable, threatening, outrageous personal attack is anonymous, although we know who did it, and it is cowardly, because they won't admit it. It is a dangerous action, and the authors know it. That's what they intend.

The fundamentalist "Christians" who make up "Operation Save America" are fascists. "Operation Save America" is the face of fascism in America. Americans need to understand fascism. This is how fascists create an atmosphere of fear, suspicion, intolerance, hatred, bigotry, repression, destruction of individual lives, and the destruction of a free society.

reb said...

thanks for this...though it is very anxiety producing