Wednesday, August 31, 2005

Just some links to cool articles. School and Procrastination Go Together, Dontcha Know.

Here's a juxtaposition. There's this article in National Geographic about the 96% similarity between humans and chimpanzees.

And here's some more examples of Americans' general agnosticism when it comes to science. This should provide more proof than ever that the ready availability of information doesn't automatically lead people to believe the best argument.

Here's an interesting article from "urban cartography" about the class and race biases in the evacuation "plan" for New Orleans. Here's a set of image+captions that notice racial bias in description of flood victims from Alternet's Evan Derkacz.

Oh yeah, and here's an article you've just gotta read. Didn't like the first few reasons for the Iraq war? Here's another one. yeah, that's the ticket.

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George Entenman said...

The whole rationale for war is constantly changing, as it did during Vietnam, but Cindy Sheehan has correctly identified the last remaining reason: "WE MUST CONTINUE KILLING AMERICANS BECAUSE AMERICANS HAVE ALREADY BEEN KILLED!!!" (, Aug 27th).

-- ge