Thursday, August 11, 2005

Open Thread: Heard on the Street

Yesterday I was walking near the midtown public library and noticed a woman who was saying to her friend, "All I wanted was some sunflower seeds, and I wound up with my face on a milk carton."
I sure wish I knew the rest of that story.
your turn


sf_gary said...

Yesterday I was talking to my girlfriend's younger brother, a stay-at-home dad who ignores everything beyond the borders of his yard. I don't talk politics with him or his wife because she's very Christian and gets tense whenever I hold forth on my near-anarchist point of view. But yesterday he blurted out, "I think there's something wrong with that Karl Rove guy." It was the first political thing I'd ever heard him say in the 19 years I've known him.

I asked him what he meant and he said, "I think he's a self-hating gay and he's turning his venom on the rest of the world. He's evil."

I questioned him on the evil part, long enough to determine that, as I thought, he had nothing against gays. He just hates evil. I asked him why he brought up the gay thing and he said it was the self-hating, not that he was gay. "You can't trust people who hate themselves," he said. "They'll always drag you down with them." Pretty good reasoning, if you ask me.

I've been away (Vancouver is beautiful, if you ever get a chance to visit), so some catching up is in order... I've got an excuse to peruse past comments...

reb said...

It's interesting how much Rove-talk there is out there. I haven't heard much about him in the news lately.

sf_gary said...

You asked me in an earlier comment about Alexander Cockburn, and my references to his reputation for anti-semitism. I was just covering my ass - I don't think criticism of Israel is anti-semitic but that doesn't stop a lot of people from calling it that. I should have known that a thinker like you would easily make the distinction.

Scott Dexter said...

So, I was getting lunch today at my favorite lunch spot in Flatbush. As I was standing in line, a very well-put-together (carefully crafted jeans, facial hair, and musculature, accessorized with Kravitz-ian sunglasses) black guy addressed the vicinity of my left shoulder (difficult to be precise due to the aforementioned sunglasses), saying "He's handsome like George Bush!" As neither I (generally) nor my left shoulder (specifically) fit that description terribly well, I turned to see if there was anyone else in the region. Indeed, sitting down behind me was a Latino guy with somewhat indigenous features, dressed for construction or maintenance work.

He said, "What are you saying? I don't wanna look like that guy! You just insulted me!" Looking at me, he continued, "He doesn't have any compassion for poor people! He says he has compassion for families, but not for me!"

It was a slightly, uh, charged, moment.

But then the black guy said, "Yeah, you're right, I totally disrespected you. Sorry."

Rather brightened my day, in the end.

reb said...

that is SUCH a great story. Thanks for sharing it!

Anonymous said...

I was walking down 5th Ave in Park Slope a few days ago when two men in their 30's approached. All I heard was one say to the other, "Somehow plate techtonics have come between us," before they were past me and gone.