Sunday, August 28, 2005

Procrastination Fatigue

sorry no blog entries for days. I've been pointing and clicking a lot lately though, getting my courses all ready for the first day of classes at CUNY tomorrow. Do you notice how much extra work the internet has made for teachers? It's great in lots of ways: information at your fingertips, digitized libraries and journal articles, archival sources galore. However, if you're like me and make those blackboard courses, the amount of time setting up the website for the course adds about a week to your pre-semester prep-time. And of course, there's also the fact that you need a "plan B" because things invariably go wrong.
ok, whine, whine, whine.
There's a lot worse stuff going on in the world, but I'm mostly unaware of it, as I sit listening to Chuck Prophet's "The Hurting Business" over and over again.
Since I'm working on American history syllabi at the moment, this song might be the most relevant; though for the record, I do think apologies do some good, even if some things are past forgiving.

Everybody wants an apology
Me from you, and you from me
The accursed from the blessed
The Great Northeast from the Old Southwest
Everybody wants an apology

Everybody wants an apology
CBS from the MTV
But it always takes too long
And it always comes out all wrong
I don't even want your apology

Someday soon the Vatican is gonna call
One day even the warden's going over the wall
The shoulder from the road
The Cancer from the Scorpio
Someday soon the Vatican is gonna call

How can I swallow every little thing she says
She don't even know Elvis from El Vez
If the King was here today
You know he'd make that sucker pay
She don't even know Elvis from El Vez

Everybody wants an apology
Me from you, me from you and you from me
Tell me what good would it do
If I got down on my knees just for you
Everybody wants an apology

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