Sunday, August 21, 2005

google translation magic; Sheehan Roundup

There's a version of part of my blog in German.
Alexander Cockburn has a good piece about Sheehan in the weekend edition of "Counterpunch," in which he discusses at length, "What a truly disgusting sack of shit [Christopher] Hitchens is" and the importance of taking up not just Sheehan's emotional truth, but her demand, "bring them home now."

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sf_gary said...

I read Cockburn's piece... "Bring them home now" is one of those ideas that is counter-intuitive to control freaks, and the control freaks are running the asylum.

How could the insurgents come up with a worse solution than balkanizing Iraq and giving a huge win to Iran? Couldn't we have just rehired Saddam? Or, better yet, let the oil companies rehire him? My bus doesn't know or care who makes the money off the oil.