Tuesday, June 14, 2005

Craziest Street Comments: Open Thread

What is the nuttiest, funniest, or most remarkable thing someone's said to you on the street? I ask because, at about 11am today as I was on my way to that celebrity hang-out, the NYPL, I heard a man muttering, in true a true Bowery-brogue,
"nice feet."
(I didn't respond)
"hey!" he got louder, "nice feet," he wanted me to KNOW, "Really! That's a beautiful foot you got there."
So, I took it in. I admit, I was pleased, but I didn't turn to see him. Maybe I should have, but I generally don't respond to comments from strange men. I was reminded of Trilby, whose feet were an erotic thrill among NY's elite in the gilded age.
So, how 'bout you.... comments from strangers?

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