Monday, June 27, 2005

More news on Peak Oil

I'm off to the library basement and its microfilm stash, but before heading off for circa 1927, I ran into this "tomgram" in my electronic mailbag. Yes, it features more about the Chinese bid for Unocal, and an article by oil-scarcity scholar, Michael Klare, who is discussing the new book "Twilight in the Desert" by Matthew Simmons, which suggests that Saudi reserves are not as plentiful as is often said.


Anonymous said...

Completely off-topic, but maybe you can use this in your next "Anxiety Index"

Liberal Hunting Permit... May be used to Hunt Liberals at Gay Pride Parades, Democrat Conventions, Union Rallys, Handgun Control Meetings, News Media Association, Lesbian Luncheons and Hollywood Functions. MAY HUNT DAY OR NIGHT WITH OR WITHOUT DOGS"

Via Orcinus (David Neiwert)

Jesse Colgan said...

really enjoyed it. Thanks!